Do You Feel Important?

This is a picture of Earth looking right at home next to her sister planets of Venus (almost the same size), Mars, Mercury and Pluto.

Now, when you add the other planets in our solar system to the picture - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune - Earth starts to look a little more insignificant.

But look at these giants compared to the Sun, a star formally called Sol. More importantly, look at the size of Earth when compared to the sun. Everything human's have ever accomplished took place right there on that little speck. But it gets worse

Even our star, Sol, pales in comparison to some of the other stars in our local galactic neighborhood. Check out Sirius, Pollux and Arcturus. Our sun is looking pretty small. But you ain't seen nothing yet!

Look at those giant stars compared to some of the biggest in our galaxy: Betelgeuse, Antares! These are the red giants - stars so big that our sun would be the size of a single pixel on your computer screen when compared to these models.